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3 Upgrades that Increase Your Lake Home’s Value

Whether you are looking to sell your Lakefront property in Alabama or simply to update your vacation home, consider one of these three upgrades. They will improve your living experience and increase your lake home’s value, allowing you to keep or sell the property as you see fit.

#1. Improve energy efficiency.

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency can save you money in the long run. Install a smart thermostat if your home does not already have one. This can allow you to program your temperature settings or adjust them even when you are away.

You should also check your windows for leaks and top up your home’s insulation. Major energy savings can be found by improving your home’s insulation.

Also, consider installing energy-efficient appliances if your home does not already have them. While the upfront cost of replacing your appliances can be high, you will reap the benefits for years to come. If your older appliances are still in good shape, list them for sale online. This can help cover part of the cost of the new appliances while also helping out a family looking for functional, affordable appliances.

#2. Increase your home’s footprint.

Many families love their homes but wish that they had more space. Fortunately, many residential lots in Alabama have plenty of room to expand.

Consider adding on a master bedroom suite or a mother-in-law suite. This can let you have the bedroom and bathroom you have dreamed of while also adding an extra usable bedroom and bathroom for your kids or your guests. As an added bonus, many homes are valued based on the number of livable square feet, so adding on an extra room can increase your home’s value considerably.

If your family is growing, an addition can make more practical and financial sense than a relocation, especially if you already like your neighborhood. The properties for sale are limited in many of the hottest neighborhoods. This can make it difficult to find an affordable home that is better than your current property.

#3. Deep clean and tidy up.

If these other home renovation projects seem like more than you want to take on right now, consider deep cleaning and decluttering your home. Getting rid of unused and unwanted possessions can make your home seem more spacious without the cost of building an addition. Deep cleaning your home can make it feel like new and will attract potential buyers if you decide to list your home.

To learn more about waterfront homes for sale in Alabama or to list your property to sell, contact our team at Wedowee Lake and Lands Realty. We have years of experience helping buyers and sellers just like you and we are happy to help you take the next steps towards achieving your real estate goals.