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5 Reasons why you should move to Alabama

Alabama circled with red marker on map. Close up shot.

The Heart of Dixie continues to draw more and more people to come live in the state. Here are several reasons why you should also consider moving to Alabama.

  1. You won’t have to deal with enormous crowds

    Alabama may not be immune to traffic jams especially when there is a football game, but large crowds are quite rare in the state. If ever, the size is always manageable, which can put an introvert at ease when wandering in popular areas. That said, there are still plenty of avenues for extroverts to meet new friends or simply socialize.

  2. There are plenty of educational opportunities in Alabama

    When it comes to excellent schools, colleges, and universities, Alabama will surely impress. There are several renowned universities in the state, such as the University of Alabama system, its largest campus and flagship located in Tuscaloosa.

    There is also Troy University (one of the best in the region according to the Princeton Review) and Auburn University (no. 73 in U.S. News and World Report’s 2011 report on the top 100 public schools in America).

    In addition to medicine and law, athletics is a strong suit among schools in the state. The Alabama higher education system has strong football programs, which also benefit business, engineering, and science courses.

  3. Alabama is for football lovers

    Basketball might take the country by storm during the play-offs, but in Alabama, American football reigns supreme. If this is the sport of your choice, Alabama is perfect for you.

    College football is especially big in Alabama, so much so that watching college football is pretty much everyone’s favorite pastime. Schedules tend to revolve around sporting events, and any child who’s gone through the public school system knows the ins and outs of how to play the game.

  4. The best sweet tea is made in Alabama

    The best way to beat the heat that permeates the Southeast is by enjoying a tall glass of iced sweet tea. And no state does sweet tea better than Alabama. In fact, some locals might even argue that sweet tea runs in the veins of Alabamians.

    Although each individual has specific preferences, you can trust Alabamians to know just what kind of tea to use and how much sugar to add to create a refreshing pitcher of sweet tea.

  5. There are great but relatively inexpensive real estate offerings

    Alabama’s low cost of living and affordable real estate prices are two of the main reasons why more people are relocating to the state.

    Whether you choose to live in the urban centers or in the middle of a rural area, you can find great real estate deals. Your options include sprawling land, serene lakefront properties, and centuries-old spaces repurposed into chic and modern lofts, all for great prices.

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