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5 Tips for Boosting Your Vacation Home’s Security

Waterfront Homes for sale in Alabama make great vacation homes, but a vacation home comes with a different set of challenges than a primary family home. Your vacation home will likely be sitting empty the majority of the time, making it a target for intruders.

If you rent out your vacation home while you are elsewhere, you will need to address additional security considerations. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your vacation home’s security so that your home and belongings stay safe even when you are out of town.

#1. Sign up for 24/7 monitoring.

While a home security system with 24/7 monitoring is more expensive than a self-monitored security system, the additional cost is far outweighed by the peace of mind it provides. Professional monitoring can alert you as soon as a break-in is detected.

Many monitoring systems will contact you first to check if it is a false alarm. If you do not answer or you confirm that the home should be empty, it can immediately signal local law enforcement to send an officer to check on the disturbance.

#2. Lock up your owner’s closets.

If you, like millions of other people, choose to rent out your vacation home, make sure that your personal belongings stay protected. Choose a closet or two and install strong deadbolts to keep out curious renters or would-be intruders.

An owner’s closet allows you to leave a few things at your vacation home while still keeping them out of reach of others. We do, however, recommend that you do not leave any valuables or family heirlooms in the home while it is being rented out.

#3. Let local law enforcement know the home is empty.

If your vacation home sits empty for long periods of time, it can be a good idea to let local law enforcement officers know. They will likely keep an eye on your home during regular patrols and will be able to act if something seems amiss. However, many police departments will only perform in-depth checks once every 30 days, which brings us to our next tip…

#4. Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your home.

If you have friends that live nearby or neighbors that you are close to, you could ask one of them to perform regular checks on your home. Having eyes on your property can help you find out if someone has been lurking around your property or if your home needs repairs after a recent storm.

#5. Hire a property manager.

If your home needs more attention than a friend or neighbor can provide, consider hiring a property manager. In addition to watching out for your home while you are away, a good property manager can also help match your home with potential renters.

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