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Alabama is Golf Country

Ask any golfer living in Alabama where the best courses in the United States are found and they’ll all have the same answer – Alabama. That state’s natural beauty serves as a gorgeous backdrop to the many expertly designed courses in Alabama.

Twenty-six world-famous golf courses form the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, which stretches from the Appalachian Mountains across the state to the Gulf of Mexico. It offers fans of the game more than a few things to do in Alabama. If you’re having trouble deciding which course you want to play, check out our list of picks below.


At the heart of the state is the heart of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Three courses were built near Lake Saugahatchee, offering stellar views as you work your way across the green. The Opelika courses are known for their difficulty (and favored by pro players for that very reason), so don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. But the environment itself is relaxing, even if the courses are unforgiving, so maybe go in with a casual mindset and enjoy. The Links course in particular is beloved by players all over the United States.

Ross Bridge

It’s not surprising that another entry from the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail makes the list. Jones, a pro golfer himself, certainly knew what he was doing when establishing a course, and Ross Bridge is no different. Spreading out over 8,190 yards, this course is one of the longest pieces of golfing Alabama real estate. (It’s one of the longest in the United States, too!) Nestled in the foothills of the Shannon Valley, the parkland-style design of the course offers a simplicity that goes well with the surrounding beauty. Multiple tees make it suitable for all skill levels as well.

Glenlakes Golf Club

There are over 30 golf courses along the Gulf of Mexico. While they may not be as popular as the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, they deserve a visit for their beauty alone. The Glenlakes Golf Club is one such course. While it’s just as lush as the expertly crafted courses mentioned above, it’s much easier. Pros may not appreciate it unless they’re looking for a game that’s more relaxing than it is challenging. That said, it offers 9 holes with minimal hazards (less than 30 bunkers and only 6 holes with water), so players with very little skill can still find themselves enjoying the game rather than pulling their hair out.

Go on a golf vacation

Golfing in Alabama is a truly unique experience. The state boasts over 200 courses and attracts players of all skill levels from across the globe. The incredible beauty of the state only makes the experience of the game that much more rewarding.

Though what we’ve listed above are only some of the most highly rated courses in the state, the sheer number means you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your style and ability. The next time you’re hitting the green in Alabama, why not make it a golf vacation and hit as many courses as you can?

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