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Alabama’s best fishing destinations

Living in Alabama means easy access to great fishing. With beaches to the south and rivers and lakes scattered throughout the mainland, Alabama can cater to any type of fisherman’s style or preferred catch. This list encompasses some of the most popular fishing spots in the region but is by no means exhaustive.

Coosa River

One of the most popular fly-fishing spots in East Central Alabama, Coosa River starts in Georgia and joins with the Alabama River. It’s favored for its abundance of crappie and largemouth bass, though it supports other species as well. The river features six impoundments creating a series of lakes (one of which is also listed below), but of more interest to the fans of fly fishing are the diversion canals created by some of these lakes. These canals provide small-water fishing opportunities for those willing to seek them out.

Lay Lake

When you’re traveling along the Coosa River, you’ll eventually find Lay Lake. With 12,000 acres of shoreline stretching across nearly 290 miles, Lay Lake makes for incredible private fishing. Individuals and small groups will be able to find a quiet, secluded spot to cast a line and catch bass, including largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, and spotted bass . Lay Lake was home to the Bassmaster Classic four times.

Black Warrior River

Another piece of prime Alabama real estate for fly fishing, the Black Warrior River is widely known for its plentiful panfish and bass. However, what makes Black Warrior River so interesting (and beneficial) to Alabama fisherman is how it solves a unique problem posed by the waters. Fly fishermen commonly prefer trout, but Alabama is simply too warm to sustain them. The river’s Sipsey Fork branch is just below the Lewis Smith Lake Dam, whose operations keep the water in the branch cold enough for trout to survive year-round. The state’s Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division even stocks Sipsey Fork with trout several times a year.

Lake Wedowee

This is one of Southeast Alabama’s most popular vacation destinations and, as such, Lake Wedowee does its best to cater to numerous interests. Boating, camping, and swimming remain popular in the area, but the main draw of the lake is fishing. The incredibly high quality of the water has led to a booming and diverse population of bass, and while they draw the most attention from fisherman, the lake also teems with channel fish, crappie, and flathead fish. Lake Wedowee’s proximity to hiking trails and state parks make it the go-to destination for outdoorsmen of all types.

With the state’s many waterways providing the means for different fishing styles and supporting an incredible number of fish species, fishermen living in Alabama won’t bore easily. With plenty of publicly designated spots and numerous lesser known locations, there’s no reason to think you won’t find an amazing fishing locale in Alabama.

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