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How to landscape your lakeside home

outdoor fireplace of a lakefront home

Living by the lake offers plenty of advantages, the most obvious of which is its proximity to the water. Owning a lakeside home is great on its own but you can always make it better.

Improve your lakeside home with these landscaping tips:

Create a pathway to the lake

Make the lake easier to access by creating a convenient pathway from your home to the water. A loose gravel path will do the trick. But you can get creative on other materials, too. Paving stones can lend a charming, storybook feel. Crushed seashells look rustic. Stone tiles, on the other hand, create a more elegant look.

Ask the advice of your landscaper. Some materials are prone to rotting and difficult to maintain.

Break the monotony

If your yard seems too plain, add accents. Stones and rocks along the sides of your yard create an interesting feature, not to mention marking a clear boundary between the water and your property.

Use accent stones of varying hues to break the monotony. Well-placed boulders make for a dramatic focal point. Add spring or summer flowers for the vivid pop of color. When picking out plants for the backyard, make sure they’re not too close to the water and can thrive in damp soil.

Make sure the view is unobstructed

One of the best and most important features of a lakeside home is the view of the water. When planning to landscape your property, make sure you showcase the scenic attraction.

You can highlight the view by building an elevated deck. This works well for a flat or sloped surface and allows residents a full view of both the lake and the rest of the property. The deck can also serve as an entertainment area for when guests drop over for late afternoon cocktails.

Get the lighting right

Use outdoor lighting to enhance your landscaping. Consider edge lighting along the borders of your paved pathway or, alternatively, standalone solar lanterns. These fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they’re functional, too. Festoon lights draped on trees or strung across an outdoor area where you do your entertaining can look magical and festive. Think, too, of adding uplighting to the base of the exterior of the house facing the water; the effect is dramatic from afar.

Match the style of the home

When landscaping your property, make sure it complements the style of your home. If your lakeside home has a Contemporary design, your landscaping should look just as clean and unfussy. The yard should serve to enhance the house and vice versa.

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