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How to stage your lakefront home for sale

nicely staged bedroom of a lakefront home

People who are looking to buy a house by the water are doing more than just buying their ideal home, they’re also buying into their dream lifestyle. If you want your home to stand above the rest of the Lake Wedowee waterfront homes for sale, you need to present your lake home as well the lake itself in the best possible light. Your goal is to make your home the property to beat in the minds of your potential buyers. Staging can help do precisely that.

Staging begins from the outside. People who are shopping for a lake home typically prioritize lifestyle-related amenities. Besides placing a high value on the view, they’ll want to see what kinds of activities they can take advantage of on the water.

Staging the outdoors

People come to enjoy the water, so make sure you highlight a clear path leading to your dock or to the edge of the water. While the water itself will be the main destination, so you’ll want to ensure that the shoreline is as pristine as it can possibly be. Get rid of the muck, water weeds, and any floating debris that can be a serious eyesore.

Highlight the lifestyle

Owning a lake house comes with certain lifestyle expectations. Potential buyers need to see that, so park your jet skis, kayaks, and boat where they can see precisely what they’re buying into. If you’ve got neighbors nearby, check for what sorts of boats and other equipment they have and stage your place with similar items (rent if you don’t own).

If you’ve got an outdoor hut, a couple of hammocks, or a fire pit, you’ll want to set things up in those areas to show exactly how they can best be enjoyed.


Don’t just consider cosmetic improvements. Make sure that you give equal importance to safety by repairing loose boards on your dock and deck and ensuring that your shoreline walls are in good repair.


  • Main living area. As you move indoors, it’ll make really good sense for your home to be set up to highlight views of the water. You can be sure that your potential buyer will want to walk right up to where they can see the lake. This means keeping your picture windows spotless to ensure unobstructed vistas. Position your furniture so that your view is the focal point.
  • Kitchen.

    No matter where you live, the kitchen is always bound to be the heart of the home. You want to convey a feeling of light and freshness by keeping things simple yet homey. Spruce up the kitchen with a vase of flowers or a small basket of fresh fruit. Crack open windows to let the fresh breeze in, or if you have views of the lake, set up a breakfast nook where you can see the water.

  • Bedrooms.

    Keep your private sanctuaries uncluttered and minimalist. Just a bed and a few pieces of essential furniture will suffice – this will give the appearance of space within your home.

  • Bathrooms.

    Keep the bathroom spotlessly clean and give it some character by injecting a theme. Make sure that your bathroom has enough character to help create a lasting impression on your potential buyer.

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