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Lake home maintenance tips

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When you own lakefront property in Alabama, you have access to an idyllic escape away from the busy city. Your second home is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hectic week toiling away at work.

As your second home, your lake house still needs to be spic and span as if you lived there all your life. You can do this by following these lake home maintenance tips:

Keep your property secured

Your second home requires more stringent security because it sits vacant most of the time. Lock every entryway and window and make sure to seal shutters, drapes, or blinds. Invest in quality locks to better safeguard your home.

Install a security system to ensure the overall safety of your vacation property. Find a system that can automatically alert authorities if an incident occurs.

For a great low-cost security feature, add automatic lighting inside and outside your property. You can time your lights to switch on and off so it gives the impression of regular activity even when you are not around.

Keep the home temperature under control

Your home’s temperature should adjust with the seasons. If the interiors get too moist or overheated, mold and rust could build up. Also, odors can become more pungent in a house that is too hot.

Pay attention to weather forecasts and regulate the temperature of your home accordingly. Have a smart thermostat installed so you can have remote control of your home’s temperature.

Unplug your appliances

Save power and avoid starting fires by unplugging your appliances when you leave the lake house. Go a step further and turn off the power from the fuse box altogether if you plan to leave your lake house for an extended amount of time.

Turn off your gas and water

Gas and water lines can leak or burst at any time. Prevent any damage by shutting off your gas and water while you are away.

Protect your furniture

If your lake home is sitting idle most of the time, it is best to cover both your indoor and outdoor furniture. Protect your indoor furniture with a sheet or some plastic to prevent dust from coating these.

Outdoor furniture can suffer a lot of damage, especially since these are exposed to the elements. You can cover these with thick tarp material. Better yet, move them indoors or in storage to minimize overexposure while you’re away.

Hire a cleaning service

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your lake home in excellent condition. Hire a cleaning service to clean your home before and after your stay. This will also let you better enjoy your visits because you do not have to worry about cleaning the house yourself.

Ask your neighbors for help

If you have neighbors near your second home, ask them to keep an eye out for your property while you are away. Leave an extra key with them in case of emergencies, along with your email and phone number.

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