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The language of real estate may sound easy but in reality, there are many factors to consider. That is why you need a good Realtor to embark on your real estate journey with the best results.

So how do you find the Realtor that will understand your buying or selling needs? The following ideas can be your guide:

Research online

A few clicks may be all it takes to obtain substantial information on Realtors in the area you wish to purchase in or sell from. Check out the names that appear on the first page of your Google search. These lead to their respective websites that will contain detailed information about them, their contact details, their areas of expertise, and perhaps testimonials from their past clients.

You can check if a real estate agent is a certified Realtor here. Apart from their certification, you can also get information on how long they have been a Realtor, the areas and types of properties they specialize in, how many deals they have closed, and more. Other sites like Zillow or Yelp can also provide information on the real estate agent you want to check out.

Real estate agents may also have LinkedIn profiles where their professional experience is enumerated. Since LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals, you can also see how they interact with other people online. Other LinkedIn users may also have feedback on their experience working with these people.

Ask for references

A Realtor’s past clients are the best sources of feedback on their previous work. Ask the Realtor if they can provide you with references so you can assess their work and working style. It is best if the past clients purchased the kind of property you’re interested in buying. If the Realtor cannot give you references, then that may be an indication that you should consider other options.

Test their knowledge and expertise

A good Realtor is one who knows how to read trends in the real estate market. They know the best moves you should take in a buyer’s or a seller’s market. Lack of knowledge in those areas should be considered a red flag.

A reliable Realtor should also be able to walk you through each step of the home buying process so that you know every detail of the deal that you are getting into. They must be in constant communication with you for developments in your real estate journey.

An astute Realtor will have the calm but sharp sense to defend your best interests but not at the expense of the opposing party. This may be difficult to achieve if you were to represent yourself because there is always an emotional component to buying and selling a house.

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