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Things to Do Before Selling Your Waterfront Property

lakeside property with a beautiful sunrise

Waterfront homes along Lake Wedowee are always in high demand. However, as in any other property type, some homes appeal to buyers more than the others. If you want to get top dollar for your property, make the necessary preparations to make it as attractive as possible to the right buyers.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Stage the waterfront

    Home staging is always advisable when selling a property, but in waterfront homes, this takes on a different dimension. You have to highlight your home’s best asset —the water. Give buyers a preview of the lifestyle that awaits them. Arrange outdoor furniture on the patio and make it inviting for lounging around. Add a grill to inspire images of barbeque parties. Put your water toys, such as a jetski or a canoe, on full display.

  2. Make sure the shoreline is clean

    When you’ve lived on the waterfront long enough, you tend to get used to some debris littering the shoreline. Homebuyers, however, expect to find the beach in pristine condition, free of weeds and rubbish. Give buyers what they’re looking for by cleaning up the shoreline every day while your home is on the market.

  3. Provide an unobstructed view of the water

    One of the best draws of Lake Wedowee waterfront homes for sale is the view. If you don’t have them yet, consider adding large windows that face the water. Make sure they’re clean to maximize the visibility of the outdoors. Remove anything that may block the view, such as furniture or lamps, as well as overgrown plants or tree branches.

  4. Freshen up docks and decks

    A dock or deck can certainly add to the appeal of a waterfront home. When showing the property to buyers, see to it that these structures are safe and in good condition. Replace worn-out boards and spruce up their appearance with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

  5. Improve your curb appeal

    While enhancing the waterfront is important in preparing your home for sale, you must also make sure the street front is just as appealing. Curb appeal can be the single factor that can make or break a home sale. If a buyer is not impressed with what they see upfront, they may decide they don’t like the house even before seeing the inside. Simple improvements, such as grooming the lawn, pruning the trees and hedges, and washing the outside walls, are often enough to make your exterior more attractive.

  6. Prepare the necessary permits and other documents

    If your property includes a dock, seawall, or any other structure on the water, prepare the permits for them to show buyers that they’re compliant with existing regulations. If you don’t have these structures, it’s a good idea to get the needed permits so buyers will know they won’t have to go through hoops if they decide to add them. Other documents to prepare are permits for any additions or improvements you made to the house, repair receipts, insurance claims, and so on.

If you’re putting your Lake Wedowee home on the market, reach out to our team at Wedowee Lake and Lands Realty today.