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What to expect when you live by the water

wooden deck chair facing the beautiful view of the lake

Living by the water is a dream for many homeowners. A lakeside home offers residents plenty of advantages… but it does have drawbacks, too. Before searching for Lake Wedowee waterfront homes for sale, it’s best to know what you’re in for.

Here are a few things you should expect if you live near the water:


Unlike typical suburban neighborhoods, waterfront communities are designed with houses spaced farther apart. You’ll have fewer neighbors dropping in unexpectedly or random passersby peering into your property. Also, you’re less likely to have strangers knocking on your door.

Since one side of your lake home faces the water, it will make it harder for people to access your home. If you value privacy and security, having a lakefront home is a definite advantage.

Peace and quiet

One of the most appealing aspects of lakeside living is its peace and tranquility. Given the secluded location of most lakeside homes, you won’t hear the ambient noises coming from your next-door neighbor or be distracted by vehicular traffic that’s close by. It’s easy to enter a state of calm and forget your worries when you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of denser communities.

With a shimmering lake before you and nature everywhere else, you can get to experience the elusive peace of mind most people seek. Peace of mind can also manifest in your physical well being, especially with the abundance of fresh air and an environment that encourages outdoor physical activity.

All serve to improve your mood.

Fits all lifestyles

A waterfront home is a great vacation hideaway for friends and family or a peaceful escape from everyday life. There’s no better place to make memories and spend Alabama summers splashing in lake waters, which can be up to 10 degrees cooler than the state’s average summer temperature.

Enjoy other fun water activities. Or spend quiet evenings outside your lakefront home just staring at the stars.

The diversity of things to do makes lakefront living ideal for any type of lifestyle across every age group. From retirees looking to resettle in quieter environs to younger families wanting a nice place to spend their holidays, a home by the lake covers the needs of just about everyone.

More maintenance

With great perks come greater responsibilities. Waterfront properties involve more upkeep compared to inland homes. Therefore, be prepared to spend more on making sure your lake house is protected from humidity, wind, mist, soil erosion, and the like.

Pay special attention to plumbing and wood features because they’re more susceptible to humidity and water damage. That said, make sure you have a separate flood and wind insurance on top of your home insurance to cover all bases.

Good investment

At the end of the day, property by the water is a good investment. Owning a waterfront home is something that’s not going to go out of style any time soon. Since this type of property is limited due to the finite amount of shoreland that can be zoned for residential use, there’s a better chance of your home by the water appreciating in value over a shorter period of time.

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