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Why lakefront homes are better choices than beachfront homes

lakefront home with industrial design

There are a variety of reasons why people love living by the water. Properties by the water typically give you access to an idyllic lifestyle and activities galore that simply wouldn’t be possible if you lived inland. There are benefits to living by freshwater bodies, however, that make owning a lake house better than owning a home by the ocean. And there’s no shortage of beautiful lake houses for sale in Wedowee that will surely strike your fancy.

No doubt, beach bums will claim that nothing can beat the view of the sun setting on the beach. Going for long solitary walks along the shore, frolicking in the waves, and building sandcastles on the beach are undoubtedly among the things we all love to do. But there’s no fun in sudden gusts of wind whipping sand right into your eyes. Nor are you bound to like finding grains of sand in your food or sand somehow insidiously making its way into your swimsuit. There’s none of that to deal with when you live by a lake.


Let’s face it: Saltwater corrodes metal – and how! If you own a boat, as most people who live by the water do, you’ll find that saltwater really does quite a number on metal, eating away at it until it totally falls apart. Saltwater and humid, salty air corrodes metal 10 times as fast as in freshwater environments.


Living by the ocean means constantly battling against the elements which tend to wreak havoc on everything. Humidity and moisture in the air can cause wood to warp and make your roofing, siding and deck materials break down more quickly. Your window fastenings, light fixtures, and even your outdoor furniture can waste away before your very eyes. This means shelling out more money for constant upkeep.


If that weren’t more than enough to deal with, there’s also the matter of land erosion. That beautiful stretch of sand in front of your home? It can easily disappear into nothing as the sea eats the shoreline, inching closer and closer to your home.


With the lake in your backyard, you won’t need to deal with the sort of recreational restrictions that can seriously cramp your style on the beach. Want to sunbathe or, perhaps, camp around the fire, grill some hotdogs, and sing at the top of your lungs? Then yes to lakeside living. Forget the beach police stopping by tell you it simply isn’t allowed.

Even jogging along the shoreline with your pooch is sometimes a no-no on beach property. But as a lakeside dweller, you won’t have to deal with regulations that can really put a damper on your day.

Everything’s closer

Nor do you need to travel for miles to get some good fishing in. You can always spend the day on your boat just a little way offshore, or simply cast a line from your own dock. Enjoy a variety of water sports: You can swim, jet ski, go paddleboarding, canoeing, or kayaking without worrying about anyone raining on
your parade.


Lake environments are extremely diverse, boasting an abundance of wildlife that can enthrall the biologist, painter, and photographer in you. From ducks to rabbits to deer, there’s always something to awaken your nature spirit.
The benefits of lake living are immeasurable. Need we say more?

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