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Property Management

Your Lake Wedowee property is an investment worth protecting. No one understands this more than we do. We want to help you take advantage of your investment and maximize your investment’s potential. Our goal is to help you make a return on your investment and remove the headaches of you having to deal with the rental process.

We will take care of everything involved in renting your property. Our services include:

  • Initial meeting at property
  • Marketing your property
  • Reservations and logist
  • Bookkeeping
  • Handling any problems or issues
  • Maintenance and housekeeping

Initial Meeting. We will work with you to establish a fair market rental price for your property to maximize your rental income, discuss timing, make recommendations for amenities and make safety recommendations.

Marketing your property. We will market your property through several avenues including online marketing, local advertising, direct email campaigns, and other various publications to generate interest in your property.

Reservations and Logistics. We will handle everything from reservations, guest contacts, collecting deposits and rent; check-in/out and cleaning and inspection after the rental. You never need to get involved.

Bookkeeping. We will provide you with full accounting for your rental property on a monthly basis. We will collect and pay all of the local and state taxes associated with the lodging.

Dealing with Problems. Of course, we all hope there are no problems, but they do happen. When they do we will handle all the problems. Whether it’s plumbing, internet connection, satellite service or more we will take care of it without ever bothering you.

Maintenance and housekeeping. We have a group of service providers and maintenance technicians that can perform a number of services so you don’t have to get involved. They are available 24/7 to respond to our needs. This allows us to better serve the renters and makes their stay as enjoyable as possible. We also provide impeccable housekeeping services. Your home is cleaned after every rental.

Please call or email us today to start maximizing the revenue from your lake property investment.

Office phone: 256.357.9600
Email: Rita(at)LakeWedowee(dotted)org