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Things to do in Clay County, Alabama

The overlook at Cheaha State Park

Living in Alabama offers endless opportunities to enjoy life, run a business, and be awed by the wonders of nature. No area encapsulates everything that the state has to offer quite like Clay County.

Located in East Central Alabama, Clay County is home to a diverse collection of trails, parks, forests, and other sites to keep visitors and residents entertained and enthralled year-round. Vacationers who fall in love with Clay County’s gorgeous scenery and outdoor living may even choose to take advantage of the current Alabama real estate prices and make it their permanent address.

So what exactly can you look forward to during your stay in Clay County? Here’s a quick list that covers the most popular attractions.

Talladega National Forest
We guarantee you haven’t seen a forest quite as breathtaking as the Talladega National Forest. At 392,567-acres, the area accommodates all kinds of outdoor adventurers, with hiking paths, recreational areas (suitable for RVs and camper units), traditional camping, and wildlife spotting. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring feature of the forest is the small waterfalls scattered throughout. Those traveling along the hiking trail will come across one or two eventually.

Alabama Gold Camp
Folks who want to relive American history will love the Alabama Gold Camp. The fully functioning gold prospecting site is part of Alabama’s Gold Belt, providing treasure hunters with miles of creek to explore. Lodging is also available for those who want to extend their stay.

Cheaha State Park
The longest continually running state park in Alabama also features the state’s highest point: Cheaha Mountain. The spectacular views from the mountain include forests, rivers, and lakes. The park itself is a popular location for bird watchers and hikers, and the size of the park at 2,799 acres makes for a great day of exploration.

Mountain View Plantation
The sportsmen among you will appreciate the hunting grounds at Mountain View Plantation. Game includes bobwhite quail, pheasants, chukars, whitetail deer, and turkeys. The experience can be enhanced with master guides and expertly trained bird dogs. The scenery itself is awesome, with natural features that make Clay County so attractive to visitors.

Nubbin Creek Trail
As part of the Talladega National Forest, Nubbin Creek Trail has been considered something of a hidden treasure by those living in Clay County. Its location isn’t as obvious as the more traveled hiking trails, but it can be found just south of Cheaha Mountain. The path rides along the mountain’s edge, giving hikers ample opportunity to see cascades and other features of the mountain from unique perspectives. Those looking for a longer hike (and more of a challenge) can take on the 31-mile loop formed by a network of trails that join Nubbin Creek Trail. The nature of the trail and its connectivity to surrounding trails makes it perfect for short outings or all-day adventures.

Clay County may not be the heart of Alabama, but it is the heart of its natural beauty. If you’re planning a trip, be prepared to extend your stay as you discover more locations that draw you in and demand your attention.

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