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How lakefront living can reduce your stress

two blue wooden deck chairs facing the lake

On the fence about buying a lakefront home? It might help to know that in addition to the investment potential of waterfront homes, you also get plenty of health and wellness benefits.

Living near a lake or any body of water is known to reduce stress and improve your well-being. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. It encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

    The numerous activities you can do on the water can entice you to have an active lifestyle. Lake Wedowee, for example, is a popular destination for fishing, boating, canoeing, and other activities that are not only fun but are good workouts, as well. The inviting waters and lush environment will surely inspire you to spend more time in nature, and the energy of outdoor enthusiasts who frequent the area may just rub off on you.

  2. Water has a soothing effect

    Studies known as “Blue Mind” research have shown that being by water relieves stress and makes you feel relaxed. The gentle, repetitive sound of the waves has also been found to help put you to sleep faster and improve the quality of sleep.
    While scientists have not yet fully uncovered the reason behind this phenomenon, they generally agree that even pictures of water can put you in a calm, meditative state.

    Researchers compare the “blue mind” effect with that of “red mind”, a phenomenon observed in people living in highly urbanized areas and are typically surrounded by technology. A “red mind” is synonymous to being in a constant state of anxiety. Being near water helps you get away from this state and into the blue mind effect.

  3. Lakefront living can improve creativity

    A calm mind makes it easier to tap your imagination, inviting creativity. As you relieve yourself of anxious thoughts, your focus improves, leaving your mind free to explore new ideas and different viewpoints. This gives you a clearer perspective, which can be invaluable when you’re making plans or doing something creative.

  4. The water is rich in negative ions

    Negative ions are molecules in the air charged with electricity. They multiply in various circumstances, including when water collides with itself or against the shore. Negative ions are known to have plenty of health benefits, including:

    • Kill or reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, such as E. coli and the bacteria that cause tuberculosis
    • Boost your immune system
    • Enhance your metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
    • Reduce symptoms of depression
    • Reduce stress
    • Regulate sleep and mood patterns
  5. Your privacy is enhanced

    To many people, privacy is important in calming the mind and relieving stress. In a crowded city, it can be difficult to have enough privacy, but in an area with a more rural setting, such as a lakeside neighborhood, you may just find the isolation you need. In addition, lakefront homes are generally spaced further apart from each other, allowing ample privacy in individual households.

Live the lakefront lifestyle and enjoy its many benefits. Call us at Wedowee Lake and Lands Realty and explore lake houses for sale in Alabama.